In 1993, Rafaela and Jose Castañeda embarked on a journey to become Entrepreneurs. Little did they know, that 28 years later their children would continue on their legacy. It all started when Rafaela wanted to sell authentic Mexican leather shoes in the United States. She and Jose transported their first shipment in a suitcase crossing the Tijuana border. When they realized the demand of theses shoes, they began their business selling in swap meets all over central California.

In order to propel themselves to where they are today, they tirelessly worked every day for the next 9 years. Their two daughters, Saira and Daisy grew up helping with the business when they weren't in school. In 2002, they opened their first indoor store which was the beginning of exclusively selling locally and no longer traveling through central California. In 2004, they moved to the Mercado Latino and opened their two most recent stores.

In 2005, Rafaela was diagnosed with cancer, shifting her role's duties to be shared by her and her husband Jose, but she never let her diagnosis slow her down. She valiantly balanced chemotherapy and the business. There were struggling times but Castañeda Shoes always pulled through thanks to their customers.

In 2010, the Castañeda family lost Rafaela, leaving Jose to continue as the sole owner of the family business. While their children continued their path to education, Jose had to learn how to fill Rafaela's shoes.

Now, in 2021 on May 10th, their children are leading off on a new chapter by launching an online store. In honor of their mother and father, they hope to continue their legacy. As 30 year olds new to this country with minimal education, they have taught their children that when there is a will there is always a way.      


Si se puede.